Siamese Youth are a Synthwave music duo from Berlin, writing and performing modern songs inspired by the love of 80s sounds and aesthetics.

The project was founded in 2018 by Ukrainian vocalist and songwriter Mark Gritsenko and German songwriter and producer Christoph Hadl Hassel.

Mark is one of the best known live musicians in Eastern Europe and Hadl is an established songwriter who has penned several number #1 records for various other artists.

After finding each other online, they started to write together and in a short time gained attention in the Synthwave community when they won a remix competition by British producer Futurecop!.  The track attracted nearly 50,000 views on a popular New York based YouTube channel NewRetroWave in under one month.

In June 2019 Siamese Youth signed a deal with New Retro Wave Records (U.S.) Their debut album will be coming out, Autumn 2019

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